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About Us

Born and raised in Durban, a province in South Africa, I moved to the United States in 2003 to be with my wife and to start a new future. After arriving, amongst other challenges, it was difficult for me to adjust to the flavors of food, and food in general. Even though, I appreciated the variety of foods in America, I would miss my mother’s home cooked meals, my neighbors and friends home cooked meals. I can remember running across the road when my mum made vegetables to eat a lovely mutton curry at my neighbors or friends house. 

My long term dream was to open up a restaurant in the US and bring our Durban flavors locally. Sadly, this dream was halted due to the tragic COVID19 pandemic, causing many businesses and restaurants to close. I decided that this route was not feasible.


During this time, I reflected on how valuable life is, and that family, friends and your dreams are so important in life. I started bonding with my family, friends and other local South Africans. I joined tons of South African Facebook groups. This is where I saw that there are many South Africans like me that felt the same way about food and the unique SPICES & FLAVORS that Durban, South Africa has compared to the local Indian grocery stores and restaurants.

This inspired me to open up Spice Emporium, to Bring Durban, South African SPICES locally to your door.

FDA approval has been gained in order to ensure that the products have passed all local guidelines and safety regulations.

Durban Style All in One Curry Powder: Kashmiri Masala, Mother in Laws Masala, Romborossi Masala, Tandoori Masala, Durban Masala

Traditional Rice seasonal: All in One Biryani Mix

Traditional Durban Snacks: Sev and Nuts, Murkoo, Chevda, Masala Bor, Masala Figs 

Are you ready to create your culinary masterpiece of mouthwatering portions? Brace yourself for a sensory sensation of flavors, colors and fragrances that will take you on a journey back to Durban, South Africa.

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